Kinder & Childcare

Capturing kids at play

When we step behind the lens we are there to capture natural images of your children exploring, playing & learning.

At Verse Photography, we focus on ensuring the children feel comfortable around the camera without interrupting the flow of their day. We want to capture their natural joy, mischievous giggles, and missing teeth.

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Verse Photography

Information for centres & kindergartens

When you choose Verse Photography for your childcare centre or kindergarten, you can expect that we will work with you and your staff and not just work to our own agenda. You can expect that we will capture children’s personalities through candid photograph, whilst they play and interact with our team.

Our organic approach is less about saying “cheese” and more about engaging with children in what interests them. This includes outdoor & indoor play, not forcing, but guiding them to different activities. Sibling photos and class/group photos are shot as part of our standard practice.

We will book a week for your centre or kinder, and then coordinate with you to promote our attendance. We will provide you with all marketing material, and all information to send out to families. All enquiries & questions are encouraged to be directed to us (because you have enough to do!).

Our team is respectful of your day and is flexible in our approach. Our aim is for you to hardly know we are there!

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Verse Photography

Information for families

We keep it simple at Verse Photography, by capturing part of your child’s day naturally as they play and learn. Our team loves being in the moment where personalities are captured candidly.

Our aim is to bring you a variety of photography with genuine expressions. It’s essential to us that it’s fun for the children and our photographers, which is why we make it as less invasive to your child’s day as possible.

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